Quick Response


1. Omnik has a professional, efficient and fast responding customer service system. You can always connect to us by phone, email, internet, on-site, and so on. 
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2. After your request and requirement reaches us, a reply or even a solution will be offered to you in within 24 hours.

3. Omnik provides perfect after-sales service with free monitoring software & hardware updates, remote assistance, home care, maintenance and replacement. Satisfying your needs is our goal.



1. Omnik is founded by a German Doctor and our elite team has strong R&D capabilities. We concentrate on inverters under 50kW. Professionalism and focus ensure the high quality of our products. Products in need of repair are less than 1%.

2. Our inverters and accessories provide a standard 5-year warranty, The second generation and micro-inverter even 10-year free warranty. You can check your Warranty and inquire online, the warranty period can be extended up to 25 years. 

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3. During the warranty period, we offer Remote support and on-site service like free updates, replacement, maintenance…

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Remote help


1. Our leading intelligent monitoring system will automatically send reports to Omnik when a failure occurs in an inverter and our experts will help you at once.

2. We will help you by phone, mail, Internet and other remote assistance, and saves you time. Please feel free to contact us through the Online Service Center.

On-site service


1. Omnik created a professional, efficient and quick customer service system and our global network will provide you professional service.

2. Within the warranty period, we provide free installation, update, replacement, repair, maintenance and other services. You can extended warranty anytime.

3. You can contact us through our Online Service Center or Service Hotline. Please Contact Us.