The 3rd Generation Single Phase Inverter Realize Quantity Production

2019/6/28 Omnik

Recently, Omnik announced that the latest 3rd generation single phase inverter— Omniksol-2k/2.5k/3k-TL3-S-NS has finished testing, trying out processes, and entered quantity production period.

This new model was completely developed before June of 2018, having experiencd repeatedly testing and achieved positive feedback. Basically, this new model is customized for on-grid PV plants with the feature of high efficiency, high stability, high reliability and high ROI.


Chic, Safe and Reliable

With the development of PV industry. market has puts higher requirements on relative products. For inverter, the used industrial design cannot meet customers’ expectation any more. The trend of regarding inverters as household appliances has motivated manufacturers to pay more attention on its appearance. Omniksol-2k/2.5k/3k-TL3-S-NS can perfectly meet this demand with its aluminum alloy die casting enclosure which is permanently anti-rust. For household PV plant owners, the 2-3kw inverter weighs less than 9kg with dual-in-line wiring method and is designed for one-person installation.

From the aspect of safety and stability, this new model applied industrial-grade high-quality components, obtaining a 25-year design life, and up to the grade of IP65 which ensuring waterproof and dustproof during the 25-year service life span. Therefore, this one is a real-satisfaction for household PV plants.

More Applicability, Higher ROI

Whether for investment or self-consumption, yield of invest is always the primary concern for users. This new model offers two types of efficiency for selection: 97.8% or 98.4%. Users are available to choose either type of efficiency for his PV plant based on varied needs. And both types are designed with internal double boards, without wiring terminal connection which means low failure rate and can ensure long-term continuous power generation. Another feature of it is self-adaptive to  the weak grid conservative mechanism and ride-through in hard environment which  guarantees  the stable and high-efficient generation.

It is worth mentioning that this new model is capable of 10% output overload capacity that can increase power generation benefits by more than 20%. In the aspect of inputting, it supports input over 30% benefiting from the withstand voltage of 600V and wide MPPT range of 90-550V. Omnik really shows the great creation and productivity in this area.

Intelligent Arrangement, Lower Cost

Upgrading of hardware makes inverters safer, more reliable and adaptive, the upgrading of software makes it more efficient for energy arrangement. This new model has  multiple connectors to realize its daily functions, except ordinary interfaces related to DC and AC, connecting with DRM connector which can adjust AC current according to local grid demands intelligently, and this is the highlight for energy arrangement and loT in the future.

This new model has access to remote wireless transmission, parameter setting and troubleshooting with Omnik Portal APP and this plays an important role in operating and storing data of PV plants. One-click APP configuration, real-time query via smart phone, grid remote power control, dry contact control, sound and light alarm are necessary option too for household PV plants.

Coming soon

Omniksol-2k/2.5k/3k-TL3-S-NS has entered quantity production period. As world professional solar inverter manufacturer, Omnik never disappointed his partners and customers by all types of inverters, so this one would be another satisfactory artwork.